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The Challenge

Bethany 73 years, received total hip replacements on both sides.

Unfortunately, her left hip required multiple revisions and suffered from several dislocations. Finally, she came to the clinic with a pelvic fracture and loosening of the left acetabular cup.

Implant Bethany Challenge

Implant Bethany

3D-model of Bethany‘s custom pelvis replacement.

customLINK's solution

customLINK used CT data of Bethany‘s pelvis to create a 3D anatomical model and to understand the defect situation. An acetabular replacement was designed that uniquely fits the defect and restores the hip joint. Anchorage of the implant was provided by three flanges fixed with cortical screws, as well as a cranial cancellous screw through the ilium.

A cemented acetabular polyethylene inlay was planned to articulate with the existing hip head.

Bethany's future

The post-operative X-ray image shows the fit of the implant within the defect, the anchorage with one cranial cancellous screw ("home run screw"), and the attachment of the flanges. To keep the tissue damage minimal, the acetabular net and some screws were left in situ. The hip stem was additionally stabilized with cerclage wires.

Now, Bethany‘s constant pain is gone and she has returned to enjoying quality time with her grandchildren.

Do you have a challenge like this?

Please send us CT data of the defect situation taken in 2mm resolution and according to our CT protocol, along with information about the desired resection.

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