Patient Stories

With more than 40,000 individual solutions during the last 50 years, we have helped many patients regain their quality of life.

Meet some of them below…

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  • Bethany: Partial Pelvis Replacement

    Based on CT data, customLINK designed an individual partial pelvis replacement implant for restoring Bethany‘s large hip joint defect. The implant was manufactured by modern EBM (Electron Beam Melting) additive manufacturing technology.


  • Charlie: Growth Prosthesis

    After resection of an osteosarcoma in Charlie’s left distal femur, surgeons implanted a knee prosthesis with an extendable femoral component made by customLINK. It allows for gradual lengthening as Charlie grows up.


  • Anna: Technological Heritage

    Detailed information of every designed and manufactured custom device is stored in a large archive at customLINK. Every case can be traced back by having access to the archives. This helped Anna to find the appropriate surgeon and treatment option for her knee instability 26 years after implantation of her initial customized knee prosthesis.